Benefits of colouring for adults

benefits of colouring for adults

Why do adults colour?  It’s a big craze isn’t it?  Maybe you’re loving it yourself, or have been asked to buy colouring books for your mum and you’re wondering why do they do it?  Well, there’s many benefits of colouring for adults.  Here’s six reasons:

Benefits of colouring for adults

  • Stress relieving

One of the main things that makers of colouring books say is that it helps with stress.  Colouring certainly can take your mind off things, any problems that you have will melt away while you’re concentrating on making your pictures pretty.  Some people don’t really believe this but I personally love the fact that I can disappear in to another world when I’m colouring and it definitely takes my mind off any problems I’ve got going on.


  • Helps to develop focus

Many of us have so many things going on that it’s hard to focus and we flip from one idea and activity to the next.  For some it’s ADHD, for others it’s just life being hard, whatever the reason lack of focus is something that colouring books can really help with.  By doing a little every day and really focusing on the details and then eventually the big picture you’ll eventually complete it – a great lesson that can be brought in to every day life.


  • Takes you back to being a kid

Nostalgia is a big reason why colouring books for adults are so popular I think.  It’s something that most of us can remember doing when really little and bringing that back can evoke that feeling of being small again.


  • Helps for being creative

For people who don’t believe they are creative, colouring books can be a bridge that helps to develop that creative spark in people.  It’s also a really inexpensive hobby – colouring pens are easily available and quite cheap (I like fineliner pens for colouring), as are the colouring books themselves.


  • They are transportable

The great thing about some of the colouring books these days is that you can get smaller versions! Perfect for commuting to work, using in your work break,  or taking out with you while your kids play in the park.  You could even take them on holiday with you!  Having them on hand means that this creative hobby is available for even the busiest of people.


  • So many different kinds of books

It doesn’t matter what you are into, there’s bound to be a colouring book that will suit.  You can get nature books, books to help with studying, swear word books, and even some for many films around.  I’ve reviewed some colouring books here that are the most popular, but there are so many now – just search amazon and you’ll find loads!


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