What’s the best adult colouring book in 2016?

best adult colouring book

Adult colouring books are everywhere at the moment and are a real craze from anti stress through to just downright silly swearing books!  There are so many available though, so to help you choose the best adult colouring book for yourself or for a gift I thought I’d review some of the top rates books on the market.

Some people love colouring as a way to destress or as a form of art therapy.  Some people just like to pretend they are kids again!

What to consider when buying a colouring book for adults

You might think that all colouring books for grown ups would be the same.  Please bare in mind that all of these books will have different page thickness and this is a really important point to note when choosing a colouring book.  If they have really thin pages they may not be good with pens and more suitable with pencils and if they have thick pages they may be more suitable with pens.

Although I have made a list of what I think are the best grown up colouring books any age can use these colouring books and most are not just for adults 🙂   I say most, because there is a new trend of swearing colouring books!  Obviously these aren’t suitable for kids.

What is the best adult colouring book?

Harry Potter Colouring Book 1:

I decided to start off with a best seller, as we all know Harry Potter is a big thing (especially with the new play, film and books all set to come out!) and what a great way to bring the wizarding world to life then with a colouring book! This colouring book may be a little difficult for younger Potterheads as there is a lot of little details throughout the book although some adults may think it’s not detailed enough.

If you love Harry Potter, this will keep you busy for a while and there are at least another two more in the series if you want to buy them all. They have also released this colouring book in a smaller version, perfect for taking out and about with you!


Check out the reviews on Amazon here.


Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns:

This next book is very quirky and if you hadn’t guessed from the title, it’s all about unicorns! Although this colouring book is slightly smaller than usual, it still has the same amount of pages as some of the other books here. I personally love the look of this colouring book and feels like it gives off a stress relieving vibe!


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Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom:

Now this book is a personal favourite of mine, it has beautiful illustrations. Some of the designs can be a bit fiddly, but the outcome is definitely  worth it! I personally don’t recommend using pens as in my own book it has bled through and there are patterns on both sides of the pages, if you do however decide to use pens, I suggest trying out on the first page. In some cases people have received yellow tinted pages rather than white ones, I think this is were they have reissued the books on better paper, but I am not 100% sure that is why.


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Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition :

Now not everyone may find these swear word colouring books as funny as I do, but if you need something to brighten your day or you need to let off some steam, then this sweary colouring book may be just what you need! Some people do say that the designs may be a bit repetitive or you may not’ve heard of some of the words he uses, but if you are from somewhere other than America, that might be why! This wonderful book is all in black paper so some of the designs may not go to the very edge of the paper like some books, but I think it gives it something different to the others.


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